Baybridge Middle School proudly opens its doors, building upon a legacy of educational excellence that has defined us for the past twenty years. At the heart of our community lies a nurturing environment where deep, meaningful connections between students, staff and the school community flourish. Our classrooms are vibrant, helping young minds thrive, fueled by our philosophy: foundations matter.

Central to our approach is a focus on literacy skills—reading, writing, and speaking. We recognise that literacy forms the cornerstone of all learning, and our children consistently perform a year or two ahead of their peers as they progress to Middle School.

Character is everything at Baybridge. We instill in our students not just academic prowess, but the attributes of good character – tenacity, a world-oriented perspective, and a sense of community. These traits ensure that our students are not only prepared academically but are also well-rounded individuals ready to make positive contributions to the world.


As Baybridge embarks on this new chapter with our Middle School, we invite you to join us in celebrating a tradition of excellence and a future bright with promise. Here, every student is seen, heard, and encouraged to reach their highest potential. Welcome to a place where foundations matter, and every child is equipped to navigate the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and grace.


How To Register Your Child for Middle School

You can contact us directly by using the email address or WhatsApp us via the number below

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+255 768 515 197

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