Our Curriculum

Why Cambridge International?

Success in Cambridge qualifications gives students access to the world’s best schools and universities.

We have designed our curriculum carefully to ensure that all of our students:

  • Achieve high standards in all areas
  • Have the opportunity to work independently and with others
  • Are challenged and supported
  • Learn creatively through investigation and first-hand experience.

To engage children’s interest and give purpose to our learning, we use themes to bring all our lessons together. Each theme has a strong science, geography or history focus, and then we link our reading, writing and creative arts to the theme.  To maintain our high academic standards, we provide literacy and mathematics lessons every morning, then mix in the other subjects in the afternoons. This provides children with all the opportunities they need to develop in all aspects of their learning.


Cambridge Pathway

Below is the entire Cambridge pathway for Primary and moving further forward.

Cambridge Primary

5 to 11 years old*

Cambridge Lower Secondary

11 to 14 years old*

Cambridge Upper Secondary

14 to 16 years old*

Cambridge Advanced

16 to 19 years old*