Primary Years

Year 1

Mr Thomas Jameson

In Year 1 we will have lots of fun learning about different topics and exploring our talents and skills.

Year 2

Ms Jaqueline Kaseja

In Year 2 we build on the foundations of previous classes, helping our students be more independent.

Year 3

Ms Shahista Dhanji

Children in my class will have fun while they learn and excel at being good role models.

Year 4

 Mr Dan Mtanga

I believe that all children are unique. With the right guidance and a conducive environment, they can grow. 

Year 5

Mr Pius Maneno

Foundations matter. My students learn that character is all we can truly carry with us. 

Year 6

Mr Haroun Mussa

Our task here is to help our students climb their own mountains as high as possible.

General info for Primary

There are just a few things we would like to inform you about , in order to make this new term and the whole year run smoothly.

School bags 

Please send children with with school bags which are big enough to fit all their belongings-lunch boxes and water bottles. Children need to have a separate bag for swimming.The swimming bag should contain a swimming cap , slippers and goggles. They need to bring their blue book bags to school every day and should contain the following at all times: homework , home/school diaries, spelling practice sheet, reading book and reading card.


School starts at 8:00am and ends at 2:15pm.

Please ensure children are in school on time and collected on time. Children who are collected late after 2:30pm/Club day3:30pm will pay a fine of 20 000tsh immediately.


Please let us know if your child is not coming to school.  Reason for their absence and when they are expected back to school. It’s important that the school is informed of illnesses especially if it is contagious. All absences will be recorded on your child’s report card.


Please fill in the reading card when you have read with your childIf they have finished the book then write finished if not the write the page numbers read so that we know when to change the book.

Spelling Test , Timetables and Mental Sums

Spelling Tests will take place on Monday  and new spellings will be given out, along with new practice sheets to be kept in the blue bookbag. Times-table tests will take place on Wednesday. Children should practice their spellings and timetables everyday.


We encourage healthy eating. Small amounts of food is better for children who struggle to eat as they can finish all their food on time. Children should know what type of snack or lunch they are carrying before they come to school. If you need to send food which requires heating, please send in a microwavable container.  We also have a fridge for food items that need to be kept cool.  Explain to your child if this is required or write a note in your child’s diary.

P.E and Swimming 

Please check with the Homeroom Teacher when your child’s P.E. & Swimming day is. On these days children need to come to school wearing P.E Kit ( yellow T-shirts  and sport shoes-black , white, navy blue or black only) Swimming – the following should be in their swimming bags swimwear , a towel, goggles, floaters , sun lotion, plastic slippers/croc type shoes. Swimming is part of the curriculum and will be excused only if there is a medical note from a Doctor.

School Uniform

Girls- Navy blue skirt /shorts /tights , blue t shirt with a logo, black/brown shoes , white/navy blue /black pair of socks and a cap.

Boys – navy blue shorts , blue t shirts with a logo , a cap , black shoes , white/black/navy blue socks.

Communicating with the Homeroom Teacher

The diary should be checked by parents and teachers every day parents are encouraged to sign the diary every day. To provide the time and the attention deserve, appointments with teachers should be made wherever possible through the diary and especially where a longer discussion is required.  There will also be a Parents Questions area on each Homeroom Teachers page where you can send any questions you may have.


How To Register Your Child for Baybridge

You can contact us directly by using the email address or number below, or you can fill in the Registration form here   

Call For Inquiry

+255 768 515 197

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