Ms Liz S, Martin

I’m Ms Liz S Martin,
Welcome to Baybridge International School. At Baybridge we endeavor to be a leading school in inspiring, supporting and nurturing our multi-cultural students to be well educated and empathetic global citizens.

Our school has a warm inclusive environment where all students feel welcome and valued. We use the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum; which provides our students with exciting and engaging learning experiences. The learning takes place in the classroom and outside classrooms keeping our students motivated all the time. Interactive learning at Baybridge is our pride!

We model the curriculum to the learners through our work and relations with other members of the school community and beyond on daily basis.

Once again, I welcome  you to Baybridge School and to our website.
Liz S, Martin
Primary Head

Subjects & Topics



Year 6 English

When teaching English, we look at the needs of each child and pitch the work to their specific needs. Importantly, we teach the skills needed to be good readers, good writers and able to spell a range of words at their level. We  basically Launch them into Literacy.
We encourage reading at home, and set regular homework for children to complete